John Tyerman Williams

Boy film star to octogenarian bestseller.

I first appeared on the West End stage when I was thirteen, and starred as Emil in the first English film version of Emil and the Detectives a year later. My varied career included winning the Domus Exhibition in Modern History at Balliol College, Oxford, and playing at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre and in the Old Vic company.

After retiring from teaching English and History, I returned to Oxford in 1983 to do my doctorate. While there, I contributed five hours of deathless oratory to the Oxford Union's successful attempt to set up a new world record for the longest non-stop debate. It was for this that I received certification that I had exhibited - among other things - 'occasional sobriety', a document authenticated by Boris Johnson, then President of the Oxford Union.

Between 1987 and 1996, I gave lectures and seminars for the Oxford University Department for Continuing Education to visiting alumni from American universities.

I have published the following books:

Worldwide, my Pooh books have sold over half a million copies. They have gone or are going into twentyone languages in twenty countries.

Pooh and the Philosophers proves Pooh a master of Western philosophy from the ancient Greeks to the Existentialists. It has been on the top ten best-seller list in the Sunday Times and Time Out.

Some comments:

Some of these comments make it plain that, although the books are primarily jokes, the references to authorities and quotations from them are all accurate. I have heard that some professors in North American universities have recommended Pooh and the Philosophers to their students.

I have also contributed articles to various journals and magazines, ranging from The Psychologist to Country Life.

I have made numerous radio broadcasts, and have given talks to, among others, the the Dartington Book Festival, the Sheffield Council's Off the Shelf programme and the Edinburgh University's Philosophical Society.

I am now working on a book which will reveal the Secret of Jeeves and the Hidden Depths of Bertie Wooster.

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